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Hedi has lived at Willow Centre for 13+ years.

“It’s nice here and quiet. What I like is that we know everyone – we know each other – that’s what I like about a small apartment building like this.”

Jean volunteers helping in the office with communications materials and volunteers with the Congregate Meal Program.

“I am very happy here. There are lots of opportunities to do things and make friends. This is the place I’ll be spending the rest of my life and I’m quite happy with it.”

Harry has been living at Willow Centre since 2004, he is visually impaired and volunteers with CNIB. 

“The people here are really, really nice and very thoughtful of my disability and when I walk down the halls they recognize me and mention their names. What’s really neat about this place is the convenience of the mall and I get my 3 km walk in every second day. The medical centre being right on site is perfect I don’t have to leave the building – especially in winter.”

Emma has been living at Willow Centre for 2+ years. She volunteers to help keep the garden beautiful. 

“I love it here. I like my place and the people are friendly. the Property Manager and Caretaker are very nice. It’s close to the bus stop, the mall, Safeway, Sobey’s and Shoppers – it’s really handy because I walk everywhere. It’s a very good place to live.”

Carol lives in a single suite here at Willow Centre and does janitorial work when the Caretaker is away.

“I’ve lived here 8 years and find it a very pleasant place to live. The tenants are all pretty friendly. Management and maintenance take very good care of us.”

Carole volunteers in the kitchen and wherever she’s needed.

“I like living with everyone here. We have a very good Manager with a good sense of humour and she’s well liked by all. We have a good Caretaker and we really appreciate him for helping us out. There are lots of activities going on and if you want to you can sign up and participate. The people here are friendly and that makes it easier for us to live with each other.”

Ron can be found clearing snow and working in the garden and courtyard year round.

“It’s quiet and there are a lot of nice people here. If you’re doing something it’s a good health benefit I like being able to help around outside. I’ve been here about 15 years – Willow Centre is a great place to live.”

Christy has lived at Willow Centre for just over a year and is a volunteer at Willow Centre for the Congregate Meal Program and other miscellaneous things.

“Willow Centre is a good living option that is cost efficient and accessible to the bus – so I don’t even need a car. It’s quiet here and I can do my exercise in the building. I like to walk inside the building in the winter and outside in the summer time. The meal program is very handy.”